MWF Area Calculator

Use the MWF Area Calculator to help calculate the size of your room, and the amount of flooring or underlay you will require. If you have a awkward shape room, divide it into seperate areas and then calculate them by using the 'Add Area' feature. Don't forget to factor in a contingency for waste. Don't worry though, you will be promted on this at the ordering stage.

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Area Calculator

To calculate the actual amount of flooring required you should make an allowance for the wastage that occurs during fitting. For example, smaller rooms and odd shaped rooms tend to have a higher proportion of wastage. Examples of wastage rates are indicated above.

These rates are guidelines only. Rather than risk ordering more than you need, it can often pay to order the lower amount and order an extra pack only if necessary (standard shipping is free!), as we don’t accept the return of part orders – just remember to keep your original batch number and don’t leave it too long between orders. Please contact us if you require any further help or information.

Adding Area's

If your room is an unusual shape, it’s often easier to divide the room into 2 or 3 separate areas. Enter the dimensions (choose metric or imperial) into the calculator above, then add extra areas as required.