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Wood floor installation

It is recommended that your wood flooring is fitted by a specialist fitter as they will have the appropriate tools and experience to ensure your floors are fitted correctly.

Our professional installation team are extremely experienced in the required sub-floor conditions, floor levelling and preparation. Our work is highly praised by our customers and we have an exceptionally high rating on Checkatrade.

Wood floor installation tips

Before goods are delivered Before taking receipt of your wood flooring, we recommend that all wet trades (e.g. concreting, plastering, and decorating) are finished.  The building must be weather tight and thoroughly dried out.

Acclimatisation of wood flooring
It is essential to acclimatise your product prior to installation. Providing that site conditions are correct before the boards arrive on site, the boards should be stored prior to laying in warm dry conditions.

The boards should be kept in the room where they are to be laid for a minimum of three days, to allow them to acclimatise to the ambient temperature and humidity. The flooring must be well protected against damage or marking from other building operations.

It is recommended that flooring remains in packaging until installation commences.

Where we install

Our wood floor installation service is offered in and around Hurstpierpoint including Hassocks, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Crawley, East Grinstead and Worthing. We do sometimes travel slightly further afield.  Call us for more information.

Supply only

If you have chosen to install the wood flooring yourself, we have put together these handy installation guides which you can download and print.

15mm installation guide

18/21mm installation guide