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So, here it is. A new year of possibilities and for some, time for changes. For me, I thought I would write a blog. Never written one before, but the idea of writing down what I see, what I learn and experiences that interest me, and maybe, creating new possibilities, excites me. Heres hoping.

So what will I bring to the table? Well, if I am honest, I am not quite sure. My new blog will be about me, my work and part family stuff. I think it is important for people to know who is behind a business. Let me introduce MyWoodFlooring. Here we are, 18 months or so in, and we are doing well, but I feel its time to expand, grow, and evolve.

I am Karen, married to Darren and between us we have 6 of the most amazing children of various ages, out there having their own journeys, and experiences. I work from home, simply because of logistics. Having 6 to manage over the years has been amazing but for it all to work, I need to be around!

My Wood Flooring is a family run business. We love floors and love to see the transformations they create. We mainly sell Engineered wood flooring, however, we can also source alternatives such as LVT (luxury Vinyl tiles)Laminate, Solid wood flooring plus various other options. I guess what I am saying is just ask us and if we can source it for you, we will!

My plan? My goal? To get My Wood Flooring ‘out there’. I hope to learn new things, gain followers and hopefully gain experience and tips on the way.

We are an online business only, working from home in Mid Sussex. With lots of healthy competition out there with shop faces, it can be hard to ‘be seen’. Our business, however, has been successful via word of mouth and also being featured on certain other well-known sites, but of course, its human nature to want to grow and expand. This is another new adventure for us. With over 25 years of knowledge and experience to share, we look forward to the journey.

So we are online and excited to launch our new blog. I hope to capture those people with fellow interests such as Design, Interiors, Flooring, accessories, and anything home related. I am interested in current trends but also classic or eclectic. Happy to share tips and advice and if you have a question then feel free to email me.

I hope you enjoy the read!